An effective painting against the endemic diseases

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Doctor Pilar Mateo heads one of the most ambitious medical projects that have born inside our borders: a simple and effective system that might put in check diseases transmitted by insects. Called Inesfly and it is a question as a few polymeric microcapsules that applied as insecticides not only repel certain arachnids, but they exterminate the principal vectors of endemic ailments as malaria, dengue or Chagas's disease.

Its application is as simple as extending a layer of conventional paint on the walls of a house, its action range includes adult insects, eggs and larvae y Besides, it sterilizes the females. But the most notable advantage is that its biocide agents are completely harmless to humans.

This product already has practical application in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Spain (for humanitarian missions and in the sewer network for control of the cockroach 'Periplaneta And Ghana, where the company Interplast Ha sumADO efforts with Inesfly Africa to end malaria.

From: El Mundo

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